• 1. What is Muncha Money Transfer?

    Muncha Money Transfer is an online platform to send money from US to Nepal in association with Siddhartha Bank Ltd and powered by MachNet under the license provided by SynapsePay.
    It is the most easy and compliant service for online money transfer. Customer needs to follow three simple steps to send money to Nepal

    • Register on Muncha Money Transfer site by providing elementary details.
    • Provide beneficiary's details in Nepal.
    • Transfer money from Online Bank
  • 2. Who can use Muncha Money Transfer?

    Any person who wishes to send money to an individual/organization in Nepal can use Muncha Money Transfer®.

  • 3. Which currencies can you use to make a remittance?

    Presently, you can make a remittance in U.S Dollars. The remittance will be delivered to your beneficiary's bank account in Nepalese Rupees.

  • 4. Which countries does Muncha Money Transfer Platform serve from?

    Presently you can send money from USA. We will soon introduce this platform to other countries as well.

  • 5. Why should a user trust Muncha Money Transfer?

    Muncha Money Transfer®, an online money transfer platform is brought to you by Muncha Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd. in association with Siddhartha Bank Ltd Nepal and is powered by MachNet Inc. under the license provided by SynapsePay. The Banking Channel for the transfer of money is Siddhartha Bank Ltd, one of the fastest growing banks in Nepal and a trusted name for years. The founding principles laid by the promoters and partners of Muncha Money Transfer are to provide value, convenience and more importantly, transparency and security to customers.

  • 6. Why is Muncha Money Transfer safe?

    Muncha Money Transfer® does not share the personal information provided by you with any third party (unless, of course, required to do so by law). For details read our Privacy Policy. When you make a remittance at Muncha Money Transfer, you make an Online Transfer to directly debit your bank account. All transactions are carried out across secure encrypted lines and state-of- the-art firewalls, which have gone through extensive security tests.

  • 7. What type of payments can you make through Muncha Money Transfer?

    Inward remittances for: family maintenance, purchase of property, investments, transfers to NPR accounts are the kinds of payments that you can make through Muncha Money Transfer®.

  • 8. What are the different payment modes offered by Muncha Money Transfer?

    Presently, Muncha Money Transfer offers you only one payment mode:
    Online Transfer : Completely web-based and totally paperless way to send money to Nepal. This facility is currently available in United States. In the United States, it is carried out via the Automated Clearing House or ACH facility, whereby money is directly debited from your existing US bank account and transferred to our account.

    We are adding other Modes of Payment soon. Please call 1-888-357-6348 or write to us at money@muncha.com for more details.

  • 9. What are the different delivery modes offered by Muncha Money Transfer?

    Money sent by you will be delivered into your beneficiary’s bank account. Your beneficiary in Nepal needs to have a valid Bank Account with the corresponding banks in our network. There is no charge or bank fee involved in this mode for our network within Kathmandu Valley.


    However, there is a direct bank processing fee for bank deposit to beneficiary's account outside Kathmandu Valley as per the corresponding bank's rules and regulations. Such fee is directly deducted from the beneficiary amount as a Bank Processing Fee. The bank account and number must be valid and verified in advance.

  • 10. How long does it take for a beneficiary to receive money?

    The beneficiary is informed about the money order on the business day of the transaction and will be delivered (direct bank deposit) within 48 hrs once the fund is cleared in US.

  • 11. What is the Remittance Transaction Reference Number or RTRN?

    The Remittance Reference Number or RTRN is the unique number displayed on your screen at the time of booking your remittance. Consider it the root of your transaction.

    • You get to know the exact status of your transfer by simply clicking on your RTRN on our Online Tracker.
    • If you are writing an email to us, you need to quote your RTRN.
  • 12. How are you informed of your transaction status?

    Once you book a remittance on Muncha Money Transfer® website, we keep you informed on the status of your remittance through regular email updates and reminders. The various statuses display and their explanation is as follows:

    • Pending: This means that, your transaction is under verification and is awaiting for processing processing.
    • Cancelled: This means that you have cancelled the transaction within the 30 minutes window, after initiating the order.
    • Processing: This means that we have received your Online Transfer instruction and it is in the banking channels for clearing.
    • Funds in clearing: This means that your Online Transfer instruction has been cleared, or your funds have been dispatched to your beneficiary.
    • Delivered: This means that the payment has been made to your beneficiary’s bank account and you can view the delivery details against your Remittance Reference Number.

    Of course, apart from regular email updates from Muncha Money Transfer.To follow your transaction status, please log-in to money.muncha.com and go to “My Transactions”.

  • 13. Is there a limit on the number of beneficiaries that you can remit money to in Nepal?

    No. You can send the money to as many people as you wish. Muncha Money Transfer® has an Address Book tool where you can enter and store your beneficiaries' details.

  • 14. What role does Siddhartha Bank play in Muncha Money Transfer?

    Siddhartha Bank is the banking backbone for Muncha Money Transfer and undertakes the money transfer activity for transactions. In short, the money you send is managed entirely by Siddhartha Bank Ltd. MachNet Inc.provides technology, operations and a compliant service platform.

  • 15. Do you or your beneficiary need to open any special bank account?

    No, your beneficiary can use her/his existing bank account in Nepal to receive fund sent through Muncha Money Transfer®.

  • 16. How is Muncha Money Transfer better than alternate modes of remitting money to Nepal?

    Muncha Money Transfer transaction fees are extremely affordable, and exchange rates are among the very best. The money sent by you is directly credited into the beneficiary's bank account or delivered to the doorstep. What's more, a 24x7 customer service provides you with round-the clock-service.

Online Transfers

  • 1. What is an online Transfer?

    An Online Transfer is a completely paperless, web-based way to send money to Nepal through Muncha Money Transfer. It is a completely online mode of sending money from US to Nepal, brought to you by money.muncha.com, in association with Siddhartha Bank Ltd and is powered by MachNet Inc.Customer needs to follow three simple steps to send money to Nepal.

    • Register on Muncha Money Transfer® site by providing elementary details.
    • Provide the beneficiary's details and bank account information in Nepal.
    • Send Money
  • 2. What are the benefits of an online Transfer?

    When you send money from your bank account in the United States via an Online Transfer, we receive the money in 2 working days from your bank. No extra cost is passed on to you.

  • 3. Which currencies can you send via Online Transfer?

    Presently, you can send only in one currency via Online Transfer - USD.

  • 4. What is Automated Clearing House (ACH)?

    ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. In the United States, the ACH Network is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide electronic funds transfer system governed by the (NACHA) National Automated Clearing House Association's operating rules, which authorize inter-bank clearing of electronic payments.

  • 5. How do you make an Online Transfer from the United States?

    To use Muncha Money Transfer®'s Online Transfer mode, you need to follow the following steps:

    • As a First-time user, you need to complete a one-time Registration process.
    • Your details are verified through a one-time verification process, which takes 24 hours.
    • In order to process your transaction faster, it is advisable to book your remittance by 2:30 PM PST.
  • 6. What type of US bank accounts can be used for Online Transfers?

    An individual Checking Account or an individual Savings Account with following US Banks can be used for Online Transfers.

    • Alliant Credit Union
    • Ally Bank
    • Altra Federal Credit Union
    • Arvest Bank
    • Associated Bank
    • Bangor Savings Bank
    • BB&T Bank
    • BBVA Compass
    • BCU Baxter Credit Union
    • BECU
    • BankFund Staff Federal Credit Union
    • Bank of America
    • Bank of the West
    • Capital One
    • Capital One 360
    • Central Bank Illinois
    • Chase
    • Chime Bank
    • Citibank
    • Citizens Bank
    • Credit Union One (MI)
    • Digital Federal Credit Union
    • Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
    • Empower Federal Credit Union
    • Fidelity
    • Fifth Third Bank
    • First Hawaiian Bank
    • First Republic Bank
    • First Tennessee
    • Frost Bank
    • Georgia's Own Credit Union
    • HSBC Bank
    • Huntington Bank
    • Kemba Credit Union
    • KeyBank
    • M&T Bank
    • NC State Employees Credit Union
    • Nevada State Bank
    • Navy Federal Credit Union
    • PNC Bank
    • Regions
    • Santander Bank
    • Charles Schwab
    • Simple
    • SunTrust Bank
    • Silicon Valley Bank
    • Synchrony Bank
    • TD Bank
    • TD Bank BusinessDirect
    • Union Bank
    • US Bank
    • USAA
    • Wells Fargo
    • Woodforest National Bank
  • 7. Where can you check the status of your transaction?

    To follow your transaction status, please log-in to money.muncha.com and go to “My Transactions”.

  • 8. When is money transferred from your bank account?

    Generally, money is transferred from your bank account to Muncha Money Transfer on the 2nd or 3rd working day from the date of making the money transfer request. You have to also ensure that your account has sufficient funds for the transfer to take place. In case there is NSF bounce your bank account will be fined USD 35.00 for reprocessing. All holidays - weekends, public holidays in Nepal and the US have to be excluded while calculating working days.

Fees, Charges and Limits